Reasons for listing your website on web directories


Web directory is a web site that includes categories and sub-categories where websites listings are posted. When a website is added to web directory, a link to that website is added. Usually web directory listing consists of linked title, URL, and description, and also can display website home page thumbnail, Page Rank, detailed description, reviews by visitors, and among other things. Listings can be free, free with reciprocal, regular paid, and paid premium.

Website submission to web directories has multiple benefits. Here are reasons for listing your website in the PR 7 Khollott web directory.

Listing websites on web directories gives one backlinks to their site. For one to successfully promote their website, they need to get a good number of backlinks. The more web directories a business’s website gets listed with the more it will be beneficial as one is able to attract more visitors. Businesses’ potential customers look for information from multiple sites and as a result being available at various sources can be an advantage to a business.

Listing a website on web directories enables businesses to race ahead in search engine ranking .One great advantage of listing a website with many web directories is ‘link building’. Web directory listing means many backlinks to a website across the internet. Websites that are listed in many web directories definitely rank higher in search engines.Higher ranking is critical as it helps one to get loads of new visitors. Besides, search engines prefer web directories. Although search engine provides traffic of lower quality, it is much important as the number of people looking for information through search engines is higher than web directories.

High potential traffic:

Listing websites on web directories is like setting up a shop in a busy environment. One gets to be more visible on the targeted audience. A website’s visibility increases and its prominence is enhanced when it’s listed in a specific category along with related top-quality sites. The visitors who reach websites through web directories are the ones who are more interested in products and services specifically offered in one’s line of business Therefore, the chances of converting into a sale are very high. Generally, backlinks from web directories generate better return of investment, as compared to any other equally priced advertising on the internet.

Listing websites on web directories enables one to stand out in competition. In web directories, one places themselves in direct comparison with other businesses in a similar category. These gives visitors the chance to distinguish the kind of services offered.

Some web directories offer more diverse sites in terms of classification for the same category. This helps users to be able to search for different fields of information in web directories rather than visit a search engine.

Listing websites on web directories has numerous benefits. If one fails to list their website to web directories, it could mean they are simply being lost in the large ‘www’ marketplace. It would really just be like having a showroom with no lights turned on.

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